Dubai free zone deploys AI to monitor public compliance with Covid-19 measures

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) has deployed an artificial intelligence-based solution to ensure public compliance with Covid-19 response measures. DSOA partnered with Derq, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology spinoff, to roll out the AI technology that uses pre-existing camera feeds to monitor whether people are violating safety guidelines, including social distancing, wearing of face masks and observing occupancy requirements.
Feeds from CCTV, and other security cameras in community spaces that face high risk of Covid-19 transmissions, are analysed in real time to detect and report any violation, according to DSOA.

The technology provides a personalised dashboard to review the community’s overall guidelines, which also allows them to take immediate action to ensure collective safety adherence.

DSOA and Derq have been collaborating since 2017, when the US firm began piloting its patented real-time AI video analytics that enhances road and pedestrian safety for conventional and autonomous cars through connected vehicles (V2X) communication and AI-powered blinking signs to predict road incidents and notify vehicles to avoid them.