Google discontinues its Nest Security Alarm System

Google launched the Nest Secure Alarm System back in 2017. Now, nearly three years after its initial launch, the company has discontinued its security system. The Google Store in the US shows the Nest at a printed price of $499 ( ₹36,687 approximately). But the company reduced the price of Nest Secure Alarm System to ‘No Longer Available’. While the company has removed its Nest security device from its own store, it is probably still available with other retailers in the country.

The company confirmed the news in a statement to Android Police. Google said that while it has discontinued Nest Secure Alarm System, it will continue to provide support to all the customers who are using this device. The Google Nest Secure Alarm System was launched back in 2017 at $499 but the company later dropped the price to $399 later ( ₹29,319 approximately). It featured a hockey puck-like design that is slightly thicker than the old Google Home Mini smart speaker. It has a keypad called the Nest Guard on top. In terms of features, it has an alarm and motion sensors along with Google Assistant built in. It connects to the Nest mobile app to give users updates about their security system and remotely disable it.

It is worth mentioning that while there are other products in the company’s lineup that come with motion sensors such as Nest Protect and motion sensors, there is no direct successor to the Nest Secure Alarm System