Initiative launched for collaboration between British police and security industry

The British Police and Security Group Initiative (PaS) has launched a best practice guide to effective collaboration which aims to help the police and private security industry to work together to a common purpose. The ten step guide covers the key considerations for implementing a successful partnership, from identifying the challenge and desired outcomes, through to implementation, review cycle and sustaining a legacy.

The guide has been developed by the effective collaboration working group of the PaS initiative – an initiative launched in 2014 to improve collaboration and trust between the private sector and the police to enhance public safety and security.
Brett Lovegrove, Chief Executive of the City Security and Resilience Network and Effective Collaboration Working Group Lead, comments: “This best practice guide brings both the private security industry and law enforcement agencies together to collaborate in the most effective way possible. It suggests the adoption of the most basic steps in order to create lasting partnerships aimed at crime reduction in local areas. The guide provides the initial steps upon which to build collaborative success.”
The ten step guide outlines a framework of action beginning with the challenge of identifying a shared understanding between police and security of the problem and identifying the desired outcomes and finally resulting in a legacy that will aim to sustain the positive outcomes and share best practices or learning from the initiative.