LAX Trials Biometric Self-Boarding Solution

LAX is trialing an advanced biometric self-boarding solution by Vision-Box, a provider of automated border control systems and electronic identity solutions, to clear travelers flying out of the USA in a contactless, efficient and secure way.

The solution allows travelers to board their aircraft in just a few seconds by looking into a high-resolution face capture system at the flow-control gateway, with no need to present a travel document or boarding pass. Aside from facial recognition, the solution accommodates other possible workflows that include boarding pass scan, seat re-assignment or multiple additional verification modalities, according to the company.

“This industry-first deployment of innovative solutions from the US Customs and Border Protection and Vision-Box, shows the amazing potential of using biometrics to speed up the boarding process while maintaining safety and security. We have been very impressed with the results thus far, and love to see the passengers’ excitement at being some of the first in the world to use facial recognition,” says Justin Erbacci, chief innovation and technology officer at LAX, airport oversight and operations department. The new contactless platform has been installed on three stands of Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX and will be tested by a number of other airlines after New Year’s Eve.