London Underground upgrades to new RFID solution

As part of a major project to upgradE the facilities of the London Underground, Tagmaster has received a significant order for its new RFID Railtag. The upgrade is an essential part of Transport for London’s effort to cope with the capitals population growth by a projected 1-2 million people over the next 15 years. The new Railtag is an evolution of its predecessor, the Marktag HDS FP with a proven track record in numerous CBTC Metro installations worldwide.

According to Tagmaster, the Marktag HDS FP has been sold in numbers of tens of thousands during the last 12 years. The new Railtag is designed to have a 20 year expected service life in CBTC applications and by this it addresses the increased need of availability of the tracks in the most heavily trafficked Metro Systems around the globe.

Since it is fully compatible with the Marktag HDS FP it can be used in existing CBTC installations without any further adjustments of the RFID radio systems on the vehicles.
The products will be delivered during 2018. ” This order confirms that our ambition that, together with Balogh, become a stronger supplier within rail solutions is clearly materialising. We together have a wider product offering and we will together become a true leading actor in train signaling” says Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.