New initiatives launched to support Singapore private security officers who suffer abuse at work

The Security Industry Council (SIC) in Singapore is launching new initiatives to support private security officers who suffer abuse while doing their jobs, in the wake of a high-profile spat between a condominium resident and a security officer over parking charges.

In a statement , the SIC said security officers can report cases of verbal and physical abuse by writing to, a new one-stop e-mail helpline. An umbrella body comprising the Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA), the Security Association Singapore (SAS) and the Union of Security Employees (USE), the SIC said cases received will be routed to USE’s existing mediation service at its Customer Service Centre for further assessment and follow-up.

“Depending on the cases, assistance will be rendered to the affected officers – this could be in terms of mediation, providing legal advice or supporting officers to apply for medical leave, medical claims or even change of site or roles,” said the SIC. “USE would also work with industry stakeholders where the need arises, such as escalating cases to the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department, or helping the officers lodge police reports.”

Singapore was gripped by a viral video showing a resident at the Eight Riversuites condominium in Whampoa verbally abusing a security officer over the Deepavali weekend.
Mr Erramalli Ramesh was caught on video swearing at Mr Steven Heng after being told by the security officer that he needed to pay a $10 fee for guests parking at the condo after 11pm.

In the video, Mr Erramalli could be heard telling the security officers that he bought his apartment for $1.5 million, adding: “You’re putting my visitors in such a position. You’re telling me for Diwali, they can’t visit after 11 o’clock?”

Mr Raymond Chin, general secretary of the USE, which is an affiliate of the National Trades Union Congress, said the union is happy to offer its mediation services to help officers deal with the unfair abuse they face when executing their duties as prescribed by the law.
“We stand united with our officers and will not hesitate to do our utmost to protect their welfare and dignity,” he added.