New security measures in effect for US-bound flights

Passengers planning to travel into the USA are advised that they “must show up at the airport three hours before departure to comply with the procedures”.
• Confirm travel details in advance.
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Mathieu LaRocque of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) said in an interview that the enhanced security checks are random, stating: “There’s already random screening at the checkpoint”. So if you’ve got a trip to the USA coming up, keep your eyes peeled. Airlines are also asking passengers to ensure that all personal electronic devices larger than a smartphone are easily accessible and have any cases, covers and/or packaging removed, and that all passengers arrive at their departure gate a minimum of 45 minutes prior to departure time.

The enhanced measures included enhancing overall passenger screening, heightened screening of personal electronic devices, increased security protocols around aircraft and passenger areas and deploying advanced technology, expanded canine screening and establishing additional preclearance locations. If a physical search is required, you can request to have it conducted in a private room. That means that people will likely see a greater use of explosive trace detection, bomb-sniffing dogs, swabbing, and closer inspection of their phones and laptops