Paris to roll out more CCTV on public transport

Faced with the continued threat of terror and in a bid to tackle crime, officials have announced plans to ramp up security on Paris transport including more CCTV cameras. The move will see CCTV cameras installed at 70 of the most heavily-frequented bus stations across the wide Paris region. The stations, which remain unnamed as yet, are considered “sensitive” by officials, and serve more than 400,000 users per day.

The plans were announced in a meeting between Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and France’s secretary of state of transport Alain Vidalies. They also announced plans to create a joint headquarters for police and train security officials in a bid to “reinforce the speed and efficacy of interventions”, reported the Direct Matin newspaper. Added security will no doubt come as a welcome relief to many Parisian commuters. A survey in 2014 found that half of France’s commuters say they feel unsafe when using public transport.