Radars catch lane violators in Dubai

Dubai authorities have radar to spot queue jumpers. The radar has the capacity to catch the lane jumper from more than 1km away in both directions. These new radars are mostly located at exits, intersections and turns as these are the most likely places where drivers try to bypass traffic by illegally cutting in. The radars, which are equipped with a camera send a violation report with high-resolution photos to the operations room. From there, an officer verifies the accuracy and approve the fine.

The radar camera analyses the car’s movements through its video-analytics feature. For motorists who decide to cut in line and possibly endanger others by doing so, the fine is Dhiram 200 and two black points on their driving record. Not abiding by lane discipline can endanger the safety of others. Last year, queue jumping has caused 145 traffic accidents, with 7 deaths and 78 injuries. In the same year, there were 290,336 lane violation fines given to drivers by the police. Therefore, as part of the Dubai Police Strategy of 2020, this radar will help reduce accidents and deaths on the roads. The top three reasons for fatal accidents on Dubai roads are inconsiderate driving, sudden swerving and not leaving enough distance between fellow motorists. Overspeeding is also a significant factor.