Securitas acquisition expands Australian operations

Securitas is strengthening its client value proposition in the Australian security market through the acquisition of Staysafe, a leading alarm monitoring company in Australia.
Founded in 1987 and based in Melbourne, Staysafe is today one of the largest monitoring companies in Australia with AUD 11M annual sales, 73 employees and 28,000 monitoring connections managed through two grade A1 monitoring centres located in Melbourne, Victoria and Adelaide in South Australia. The purchase price is estimated to AUD 19M.

“Staysafe is a strong organisation built on many years of successful entrepreneurship. We are very pleased to welcome the Staysafe team onboard to an exciting journey together with Securitas” says Andreas Lindback, Divisional President, Securitas AMEA. “Through the acquisition of Staysafe we are building on our protective service offering in the Australian security market which will strengthen our service delivery and innovative solutions to our clients. We are looking forward to continue engaging with our existing and new clients in Australia on how we can drive further value through the acquisition of Staysafe announced today”.

Securitas is a world leading protective services company with the ambition to lead the industry into the next generation of intelligent security solutions. Since entering the Australian market in 2017 Securitas has experienced strong growth and expanded its geographical footprint and capabilities across the country.