Security lines costing passengers more than just time

Those long security lines at airports are costing passengers more than just their time. Last year, passengers rushing to catch their flights left behind more than $765,759 in loose change at security checkpoints. The numbers in its annual report to Congress show that a big chunk of that change comes from Florida’s airports.

At Miami International Airport, passengers left $50,955.58 behind. Tampa collected $6,094.61. The TSA says the record amount of money will be used to support the expansion of its Pre-check program that lets fliers use an expedited screening line if they first submit to a government background check. Passengers pay $85 and are able to walk through with their shoes, belts and light jackets which makes the whole process more efficient.

“It’s just like you’re at the grocery store. You see the line for 15 items or fewer that’s going to go much quicker than the line with somebody who has a huge basket of groceries,” said TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein. The TSA believes if more people are aware of the program that people’s spare change could help spare them something more precious…time in security lines.