SECURITY TODAY’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief honoured

SECURITY TODAY’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief has been honoured to have featured at No. 4 on the global list of ‘Top 20 Influencers’ in the security and fire industry world-wide for the year 2020 in the ‘Association Figures/Academics/Thought Leaders’ category by IFSEC Global.

Grant Lecky, co-founder of the Security Partners Forum led the judging process for 2020. Lecky, who himself featured in IFSEC Global’s list of top influencers in 2014 and 2017, had a diverse range of respected industry experts and thought leaders to the panel of judges from across the world. The array of judges this year is certainly very impressive. They are all leaders who have decades of experience in either and/or the public and private security domains – Baroness Ruth Henig (UK), Mark Folmer (Canada), Mari Galloway (USA), Chris Cubbage (Australia), Chuck Brooks (USA), Jason Cherrington (New Zealand), Dr. Nacira Salvan (France), Rick Mounfield (UK), Roberto Manunta (Cyprus), Shira Rubinoff (USA), Rita Whittle (Canada), Benjamin Chidyamato (Ivory Coast), Biljana Cerin (Croatia), Michael Gips (USA), Roy Cooper (UK), Kim Loy (USA), Douglas Mapuranga (Zimbabwe), Dr. Lopa Mudraa Basuu (India), Phédra Clouner (Belgium), Pablo D. Correnti (Argentina), Crispin Francis (UK), Dennis Davis (UK), and Ian Moore (UK).

The criteria of judging the top 20 influencers are based on someone, – Who has been a driving force in changing regulation, standards/guidance or best practice; Someone whose insights/opinions are widely respected and which are influential in shaping debate around industry issues; Someone who has helped to raise the industry’s profile or been an influential voice in the national media; Who has played a key role in driving technological innovation; Someone who has been instrumental in the success of the organisation or business they lead or are employed by.

On his recognition, Mr. GB Singh said that it is a huge honour him to have been featured at #4 on the ‘Top 20 Global Influencers in Fire & Security 2020’ by an eminent international panel of judges in the “Association Figures, Academics and Thought Leaders” category. “I stand humbled and grateful to the almighty for his kindness,” he said. “I thank all my gurus, mentors, friends, peers, colleagues, team members, my family and well wishers for their continuous support and encouragement,” he added.

He said that he personally knows some of the titans featured on this international ‘Top 20’ list, and was aware of the amazing work that they have done in advancing and promoting the field of Security. “It’s an honour for me to be featured amongst them,” he said.

He thanked the judges and congratulated the other leaders featured on the list – Charles Andrews, Suzanna Alsayed, Prof. Alison Wakefield, Malcolm B. Reid, Joyce Brocaglia, Prof. Martin Gill, Di Thomas, McLean Essiene, Scott Taylor, Eddie Sorrells, Dr. Ron Martin, Victoria Nkemdilim Ogbuehi,Paul Barnard,Orlando Toniolo, Dr. Martin Gren, Mike Hurst, Dr. Gavriel Schneider, and Michael Brzozowski. “Special thanks to Grant Lecky, Bonnie Butlin, and James Moore,” he added.