Survey finds access control becoming more important in a COVID-19 world

A new survey from access control provider Nexkey shows that office workers believe access control is more important in a COVID-19 world. In the survey of 1,264 office workers, 44 percent felt that access control is more important because of the pandemic.

It also looked at how many workers enter their offices. Key cards, fobs, or traditional keys are used by 75 percent of the respondents. Interestingly, 41 percent had those stolen. 34 percent of respondents lent their access control device to others.

Interestingly, 41 percent said a smartwatch or smartphone would be their first choice to unlock doors over any other access control measure. More than two-thirds of office managers are also interested or very interested in managing access to their buildings with smartphones. Interesting data highlights found in the survey include:
41% of office workers use key cards to enter their office. Yet the same amount of people said smartphones or smartwatches would be their first choice credential.
44% feel access control is more important after the COVID-19 pandemic.
3 out of 4 people use keys, key cards or fobs. 41% had keys lost or stolen while 34% let someone borrow them.
75% want additional doors on their access control platforms but don’t have them, 1 out of 4 people saying the biggest reason is cost.