UAE company offers free CCTV system for 10,000 buildings

As many as 10,000 buildings in the UAE will be offered free installation of security cameras by an Abu-Dhabi based company as part of its global CSR campaign. Secure Cam IT Solutions announced that it will equip 1.5 million buildings in 150 countries with security camera solutions under its ambitious project ‘Secure Our City’. The first phase will be rolled out in 13 countries starting with the UAE and India.

The campaign covers free installation, hardware (cameras and other equipment), two-year warranty on hardware and one-year free maintenance.

The cameras will be installed only at the entrances and exit points of each building. The recorded footage will remain with building managements to share with law enforcement agencies if needed.
“Our idea is to secure at least one city in every country by the end of 2025,” Rijoy Thomas, Chairman and CEO said in a press conference. “The UAE is a perfect example of how a secure environment has resulted in economic prosperity. Our aim is to take the UAE story to the rest of the world. We aim to fulfil our dream of a safe, secure and protected world for everyone.” He said the company plans to install a maximum of 10,000 cameras in each city that comes up with registrations from a minimum of 500 buildings for installation of the company’s CCTV camera system.

Request for free camera installations have to be registered through with permissions from building managements. Buildings without a CCTV connection can be registered if they have at least two-storeys and are located in cities. Cameras will be installed only at the entry and exit points in the buildings.

Emil Jose, chief operating officer, said the company has established partnerships with local agents and representatives for the first phase which includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, The Netherlands and Australia. Ahmad Sarour Al Marar, business partner, said that it is not mandatory for buildings to continue with the service contract later. “The total cost of the project is estimated at around $1.5 billion,” said Thomas.