UK Home Office embarks on new biometrics programme

Idemia has been awarded a five year contract by the United Kingdom Home Office Biometrics (HOB) Programme to deliver a new Fingerprint Matcher Service. This award forms part of the strategic HOB Programme to deliver flexible biometric services.

This award will result in the deployment of the very latest Idemia fingerprint matching platform, which will deliver significant productivity improvements by offering increased accuracy fingerprint services to the stakeholders and users of the HOB Programme. In the first phase of the project Idemia’s solution will be deployed for use by United Kingdom National Law Enforcement agencies, to be closely followed by Immigration and Border stakeholders.

Idemia’s solution is based upon its MBSS Search Platform1 with additional Services. MBSS is a flagship product of Idemia, combining very high scalability (over 1 billion identities possible), very high availability – designed for mission-critical systems – and integrating Idemia’s biometric algorithms. The Idemia award results from a competitive procurement, and initially a five year contract, the award offers additional scope to be further extended to a total of 8 years.

Idemias collaboration with HOB, a UK Home Office programme, reinforces the trust that is placed in Idemia for empowering key government biometric solutions around the world.
“Idemia is proud to announce this five year partnership with one of the world leaders in government biometric programmes. This major system will form one of the keystones of security in the UK, in a context where security is more important than ever before. Idemia looks forward to further developing and inspiring future innovations.” Philippe Barreau, Executive Vice-President of Citizen Identity and Public Security activities at Idemia,