Vanderlande launches self-service application for airport security checkpoints

Vanderlande has launched PAX Divest Assistant, a new self-service application for airport security checkpoints. It is designed to allow passengers to move through the divestment process without the help of a local agent.
Self-service applications are now common in airports worldwide, and widely used and appreciated by passengers. However, security checkpoints tend to lack self-service options and are heavily reliant on constant interactions between agents and passengers.

In the context of a global pandemic, airports are aiming to limit physical contact between their employees and travelers while factoring in resource limitations.

To address this challenge – and with a view to the future of security checkpoints – Vanderlande has developed PAX Divest Assistant. With this new concept, support agents are located remotely and can connect to passengers in need of assistance via video calls. This capability delivers increased flexibility to airports while providing staff with a safer and more pleasant working environment.

Vanderlande also recently announced that it has installed five automated screening lanes at Charlotte Douglas International Airport as part of a $600 million terminal expansion project. Powered by Vanderlande’s remote screening software, the new lanes will allow the airport to centralize its screening operations to further improve operational efficiency. The modular design of the lanes also eases the transition from AT X-rays to CT technology.