Verint Systems wins multimillion dollar government cyber security project in Latin America

Verint Systems, a provider of security and intelligence data mining software, announces that it won a multimillion dollar project for a new Government Security Operations Centre (GSOC) in the Latin America region to help protect critical government organisations from advanced cyber threats. Verint’s technology will be deployed to help the cyber analyst team identify and focus on the most significant, urgent risks, and quickly analyse, confirm, and respond to threats and attacks.

“Today, governments are concerned about advanced security threats and are looking for data mining software combined with domain expertise to help address these threats,” says Noam Rosenfeld, Verint SVP Cyber Security Solutions. “Our solution with ‘virtual analyst’ technology is designed to help automate and simplify the traditionally labour intensive cyber alert investigation process, enabling SOCs to more efficiently investigate and mitigate critical incidents before they rise to the level of a major threat.”

Verint’s Cyber Security solution integrates multiple advanced detection engines and provides unified workflows for investigation, behavioural analytics and forensics that analyse cyber-attack paths, and help protect against future attempts. Its orchestration and automation capabilities reduce the need for labour-intensive manual processes and help shorten the period of time between malware detection and remediation within SOC operations.