Riding without helmet will now lead to 3-month suspension of driving license in Karnataka

Riding without a helmet can now lead to a 3-month suspension of your driving license in Karnataka. Karnataka`s Transport Department has made helmets mandatory for all people riding on the two-wheelers and imposed a three-month suspension of driving license for non-compliance.

As per new directives, helmets are mandatory for all two-wheeler riders who are over four years of age. State govt has imposed a 3-month suspension of driving license along with a penalty in case of violation,” the State Department of Transport, Karnataka said in its order.

The state transport department has also issued a directive to strictly enforce the rules for the safety of the riders.

As per the rule, Under the Central Motor Vehicle Act, motorcycle riders must wear a helmet.
As per the Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rule, it is mandatory for all bikers in the state to wear helmets. This new order comes after the Supreme Court’s direction to the state’s Road Safety Committee to strictly enforce the mandatory helmet-wearing rule for all persons traveling on two-wheelers in the state.