64% Indian organizations fear losing critical data

A new global security survey by Dell, revealed that 64% of organizations said losing critical business data was the greatest concern for them while 40% said it was malware on the network and 39% voted on employees inadvertently taking data outside corporate networks

On the greatest security threat to their organization in the next five years, 65% organizations voted for increased reliance upon internet and browser-based apps; 42% respondents chose increased use of mobile devices while 56% voted for increased use of cloud and the growth in “big data”. 28% of organizations voted for threats that were yet unknown.

The survey also revealed that on an average, 25.5% of Indian organizations’ total spending is on IT and 22% organizations spend around 15%-30% of total spending on IT. As per the company, the survey covered leading public and private sector security decision-makers, in a bid to gauge their awareness of, and preparedness for the new wave of threats plaguing IT security.

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