Airport Security cracks the whip on ‘Fwd’ Tickets

With more and more passengers arguing that ‘official’ text messages sent by airlines are enough to gain entry into the airport, security staff have taken a stiff stand— posting the circular at the entry gates and pointing mistaken passengers toward it when they have an issue.

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security had sent a circular just over two years ago, allowing passengers to show e-versions of tickets on their phones, tablets or laptops to gain entry into the terminal. However, an addendum to the rules clearly states that no SMS or partial information (like an invoice from a travel agent or a forward from a friend) would be entertained by security.

“Lots of youngsters come late and pressure us to let them in by just looking at their phones. When we tell them SMS is not allowed they show us the mail and don’t give us time to even check the ticket properly. That is why we are insisting on original ticket receipts,” said a CISF official. An Airports Authority of India official said that the notice had been pasted at all entry points to reduce confusion.

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