Andhra to fine-tune laws relating to private security agencies

The existing laws concerning the private security agencies in Andhra Pradesh will soon be fine-tuned. The idea is to ensure better professional standards for the fast growing segment according to Andhra Pradesh Home Secretary, B. Prasada Rao.
Vijayawada houses a large number of private security agencies operating for individuals and business groups according to sources. However, most of the groups are said to be not professionally trained and managed.

Mr. Prasada Rao said, “The government is looking at fine tuning the laws related to the security agencies in the State. We need to have a better professional approach. The training standards of the staff are also another concern.” The number of security agencies is fast growing according to him. Responding to the fast paced development, gun culture and growing demand for weapon licenses Mr. Rao said, the department will take due discretion in giving such privilege to individuals and business houses. “There are hundreds of applications for weapon licenses. We will have to exercise our discretion,” he said.

He further said the police department will be equipped with all the necessary gadgets, ammunition and men to face the expected challenges at the proposed world class capital region abutting Vijayawada. The swanky capital, with water ways linking it to sea shores and international waters, will have unique issues but they can be tackled by replicating the best systems in vogue in the present world class capitals, he said.

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