CCTV cameras in DTC Buses start yielding results

As part of its pilot project, the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has so far installed CCTV cameras on 80 out of 200 of buses for which CCTV has been sanctioned to enhance security.

Officials said the pilot project has already started showing positive results. In a recent incident where senior students of a private school repeatedly forced the driver to make stops at unauthorised locations, a bus with the CCTV cameras was sent on the route. “We were able to record the activities of the children. This information was then handed to the school authorities concerned, thus solving the problem,” the official said.

However, officials admitted that the usefulness of the cameras to track theft or prevent sexual harassment is yet to be tested. Earlier, a trial run was carried out by the DTC in collaboration with the Delhi Police. “Locations of where the cameras should be installed inside the buses were decided after consultation with police,” an official said.

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