CIAL to introduce 12-crore robotic security system

The Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) is all set to introduce a Rs 12-crore high-end robotic security system at the airport. The Canada-made robotic equipment will be installed next month by an integrated team comprising representatives from Central Industrial Security Force, CIAL’s own security wing, fire and rescue force.

The main equipment of this system is threat containment vessel (TCV), which is capable of containing a blast of minimum 8kg of explosives. The containment vessel is reusable as it withstands repeated detonations. If the suspected luggage is below the 8kg limit, the small version of TCV, suspected luggage containment vessel, would be used.

Besides, there is the remote mobile investigator (RMI)-9WT that is used by the police, fire departments, military, nuclear and industrial institutions in the west. A six-wheeled vehicle with removable tracks for step-climbing capability, RMI-9WT is lightweight, battery-operated multi-purpose vehicle that has proven to be ideal for the remote handling of improvised explosive devices, hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, firefighting, hostage, hijacking and other hazardous situations.

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