CISF wants intelligent security cameras at IGI airport

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) wants to ramp up the technology used for securing the Delhi airport in the form of improved video scanning through CCTV cameras. “It is time to move on from the usual CCTV cameras. Globally, agencies are now using intelligent cameras for airport security. The cameras come with built-in video analytics and are designed to detect specific activities and scan for suspicious individuals. We are in touch with airport operators to install such cameras at Delhi airport,” said a senior CISF official.

The cameras will automatically alert security personnel whenever any suspicious movement is detected. For instance, if a bag has been left behind for over a minute or an unauthorised person is carrying a weapon or someone is lying on the floor, it will issue an alert. Additionally, photos of wanted terrorists can be stored in the system and their entry into the airport can be monitored more easily. Using facial recognition technology, the camera will alert the control room and direct the nearest security personnel to nab him.

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