CP PLUS launches e-surveillance solution for cash-in transit vans

CP-PLUS has successfully launched e-surveillance solution for Cash-in-transit vans. The solution is innovative and is based on out of the box ideas by putting technology in use to secure cash-in-transit vans, which carry cash and bullions to deliver at ATM, branches, POS, etc. The solution uses a mix of access controlled entry, GPS, CCTV, MDVR and allows entry to only authorized and limited people. The system also tracks the vehicle movement and triggers alerts in case of any alarming activity.

CP PLUS solution implements a foolproof system by providing just one gate entry at a time with authorized access control system. The solution deals with any emergency scenario by raising the alarm. The Van remains on the control room screen all the time during its journey while on duty. The solution encompasses dual authentication system, which works in integration with CCTV feeds and geo-location on the GPS system.

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