Crime in the Capital rises by 100%

Over 400 people become victims of various criminal activities in the Capital every day, latest police statistics show, a quarter of these people fall victim to street crime such as snatching and robbery. Of the daily average of 433 victims, 103 are those affected by street crimes, as per the statistics. Also, in the past ten months, the city has witnessed a staggering surge in registration of criminal cases. So far around 1.3 lakh cases have been registered this year which is almost double the number of cases registered during the corresponding period last year.

Though the top brass of the force attribute the surge in registration of cases to their ‘free-FIR registration’ policy, former Delhi Police Commissioners believe that the rise in crime figures actually highlighted the actual ground realities. The total number of IPC cases reported in Delhi till November 9 this year is 1,29,858. During the corresponding period in 2013, a total of 63,169 IPC cases only had been reported to the Delhi Police. The number stood at 54,287 in 2012, while in 2011 it was 53,353.
Cases of street crime such as robbery, snatching, and vehicle thefts had increased by 513%, 137%, and 61% respectively, according to the statistics. Similarly, other crimes like dacoity, rioting and kidnapping for ransom had gone up by 240%, 38% and 52% respectively.

Other serious cases like murder and attempt to murder had witnessed an increase of 18% and 36%. Besides witnessing an upward trend in cases of robbery and snatching, the police also reported a sharp rise in cases of burglary and thefts.
According to official statistics, a total of 8,488 cases of burglary had been reported till November 9 this year, a whopping 337% jump when compared to last year (1,938 cases).

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