Delhi cops get a lesson in security technology from NYPD

Senior officers of Delhi Police had a glimpse of the security systems used in the US when they had a meeting with members of the New York Police in the Capital recently. The meeting, organised with the subject ‘Infusion of latest technology solutions in Delhi Police’ is a step towards bringing down the growing rate of crimes in the city. Apart from the safety of the people, it will tackle the problem of identifying accident locations. Among the technology solutions presented by representatives of the New York Police were facilities for tracking distress caller location, setting up of a hi-tech police control room and services for PCR dispatch.

“The presentation displayed technology that will be helpful in tracking real-time information. A dedicated helpline such as 911 in the US will be set up where even if the caller is not in a position to give us the details we can trace the exact location of the distress caller,” said a senior police official who was present at the meeting.

Other features that are likely to be used by Delhi Police are video analytics, mechanism for improving response time and other support systems. The task, however, would be to blend the new technology with the existing policing strategies and to train the officials to handle the improved system.

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