Delhi Police gets two mobile forensic data collection vans

Delhi government has agreed to the induction of two mobile Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) vans with a view to ensuring quick and efficient collection of forensic data by police at the crime scene. These mobile vans would be able to promptly reach crime spots and trained forensic staff can then collect samples and transport them to the Rohini laboratory. Most of the times, policemen are not as skilled as forensic experts to properly gather samples. Inaccurate collection of evidence causes obstruction in the investigation procedure.

According to an official, two more such vans are in the pipeline waiting for approval.

Delhi Police in 2013 had submitted a proposal for 11 mobile FSLs, one for each police district, with an eye on more efficient evidence gathering. These vans are operational 24×7 and would be manned by trained forensic technicians for collection of evidence.

Meanwhile, according to the Delhi government, there is a proposal for building three more forensic laboratories in order to reduce the burden on the laboratory at Rohini.

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