DG, NSG says that India lacks the means to evaluate new technologies

J.N. Choudhury, Director General, National Security Guards (NSG), speaking at the sixth edition of FICCI Homeland Security 2014, said that India’s homeland security lacked the means to evaluate the new technologies and added that there is a need to build testing facilitates to check the efficiency and effectiveness of technologies. Mr. Choudhury pointed out that the quality of manpower and training in homeland security do not match up to global standards. Therefore, capacity building and improvement in training standards is imperative. He also said that technology serves both police and criminals. In the absence of standardized testing centres, the police has not been able to adopt many new technologies that are available in the market. On the other hand, criminals have access to these modern techniques as evidenced by recent attacks that have been witnessed the world over. He underlined the need to strengthen civil police and improve the police-population ratio, which is well below par at present.

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