Haryana Police Stations and Posts enhance security with comprehensive CCTV system installation

In a significant stride towards fortifying security measures across Haryana, the Haryana Police Housing Corporation (HPHC) has completed the installation of a comprehensive CCTV camera system at all 715 police stations and police posts in the state, encompassing 333 police posts and 382 police stations. This robust security infrastructure includes 2,953 fixed bullet cameras and 4,600 dome cameras, providing extensive surveillance coverage throughout Haryana.

The system boasts advanced capabilities, including 18 months of audio and video recording for thorough documentation and investigation support. Dedicated server storage solutions for police stations and NVR (Network Video Recorder) storage for police posts ensure efficient data management. A Central Health Monitoring System (CHMS) at ERSS 112 in Panchkula enables real-time system monitoring and alerts, ensuring optimal functionality.

Additionally, an uninterrupted power supply with a 10-hour backup guarantees continuous surveillance operations, even during power outages. Rigorous testing is currently underway to validate the system’s seamless integration and functionality, with full operation (GO-Live) scheduled for June 10, 2024.

The project was initiated in December 2020 in compliance with a Supreme Court directive aimed at bolstering public safety and enhancing police effectiveness. Following state government approval in January 2022, HPHC embarked on the Rs. 106 crore project, selecting M/s Broadcast Engineering Consultant India Pvt. Ltd., a Government of India PSU, as the system integrator through a transparent e-tendering process.

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