HID report highlights rise of Biometric Authentication, Mobile ID

A new report from HID Global suggests that mobile-based digital IDs are about to boom in popularity. A key finding of the “2024 State of the Security Industry Report” is the anticipated ubiquity of Mobile ID within the next five years, with end users predicting that almost 80 percent of organisations will adopt mobile IDs, and industry partners even more optimistic at 94 percent. The report indicates that about 64 percent of organisations already have some level of Mobile ID deployment.

Despite the uptrend, the report notes some sectors’ continued need for physical ID cards, with 46 percent of end-users and 59 percent of industry partners highlighting the requirement for a visible image on ID badges. This need is more pronounced in industries with high in-person interactions or stringent security requirements, like government, healthcare, transportation, and hospitality.

Nevertheless, the report underscores Mobile ID’s benefits, with 59 percent of respondents praising its convenience for users, 45 percent lauding its added security, and 35 percent finding it more administratively convenient.

Based on a comprehensive survey from various global professionals, HID’s report also highlights a number of other significant trends in security and identity solutions. Another of them is the widespread adoption of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a critical security measure, a trend that the report acknowledges as a precursor to the more comprehensive Zero Trust security model, which remains less implemented. Sustainability emerges as a growing consideration in business decisions, reflecting an increased emphasis on environmentally friendly practices.

HID’s report also finds that the adoption of biometrics for identity verification is gaining momentum, with a notable percentage of users employing fingerprint, palm print, and facial recognition technologies. Meanwhile, the shift towards cloud-based identity management solutions is evident, with nearly half of the end users either already using or in the process of implementing these systems.

Lastly, the report underscores the potential of artificial intelligence, particularly in analytics, to enhance identity management and security operations, indicating a growing interest in AI-enabled solutions among security professionals. HID’s report is based on responses from 2,600 partners, end users, and IT and security professionals across 11 industries.

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