Indian Railways boosts security with Herta’s facial recognition technology

In a groundbreaking initiative to bolster security measures, Indian Railways has successfully implemented Herta’s state-of-the-art facial recognition solutions across its extensive network of train stations in the Eastern region. This transformative project marks a significant step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers and staff throughout the railway system.

The project becomes the largest one in the world in the transport sector. Herta has also been awarded two more regions that will be implemented after the Eastern one. The deployment of Herta’s cutting-edge facial recognition technology is part of IndianRailways’ commitment to embracing advanced solutions for enhancing security.

By leveraging Herta’s expertise, the railway network aims to create a safer environment for passengers, mitigate potential security threats, and streamline operational efficiency.
Key features of Herta’s facial recognition solutions implemented at 230 train stations using thousands of video surveillance cameras include:
● Real-time Identification: Herta’s technology provides real-time facial identification capabilities, allowing for swift and accurate recognition of individuals within the train station premises.
● Enhanced Security: The implementation of facial recognition enhances security by automatically identifying and alerting authorities about the presence of individuals with potential security concerns, contributing to the overall safety of passengers and staff.
● Efficient Monitoring: Herta’s system enables efficient monitoring of the train stations, offering a proactive approach to security management. The technology assists in the quick response to incidents and ensures a rapid resolution of security issues.
● User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive user interface of Herta’s solutions facilitates easy integration with existing security systems, providing a seamless experience for railway personnel responsible for monitoring and managing security.

Mr. Rahat Jain, IDIS INDIA – MD, expressed his enthusiasm about the successful implementation, stating, “We are delighted to announce the successful integration of Herta’s facial recognition solutions at Indian Railways.”

Startologic, the official partner overseeing the deployment of Herta’s facial recognition solutions at Indian Railways, is proud to be part of this transformative project. The successful implementation showcases the capability of Herta’s technology to meet the stringent security requirements of one of the world’s largest railway networks.

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