KMC reports over 265 high-rises lack fire safety certificates, SHC informed

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) reported to the Sindh High Court that they conducted fire safety audits on more than 265 commercial buildings and discovered that not a single one possessed a fire safety certificate or a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the fire brigade department.

The report, presented on behalf of Metropolitan Commissioner Afzal Zaidi, highlighted significant deficiencies identified during the audit process. The report urged the court to review the findings and issue instructions to all relevant parties, including the Sindh Building Control Authority and occupants of the surveyed buildings, to take necessary steps to enhance fire safety and control in case of any incidents.

It emphasised that recent fire incidents in various parts of the city had resulted in loss of life and property, largely due to inadequate measures taken by building occupants or owners.
To improve fire safety procedures, the KMC initiated a program to conduct fire safety audits of various buildings. In the first phase, audits were carried out on approximately 265 buildings situated in the city.

The court was informed that none of the buildings possessed an NOC or fire safety certificate issued by the fire brigade department of KMC. Additionally, most buildings lacked fire safety systems and emergency exits.

Out of the audited buildings, approximately 155 did not have fire alarms or smoke detectors installed, and the status of nine buildings regarding this matter was not available. Moreover, the electrical wiring and systems in over 155 buildings were deemed unsatisfactory by the KMC. Around 200 buildings lacked proper firefighting equipment or had inadequate access to such equipment.

Following recent fire incidents, the court had directed provincial authorities to ensure inspections of all shopping malls in the city to verify compliance with safety standards.
These directives were issued in response to incidents like the fire at R.J. Shopping Mall on Rashid Minhas Road, where 11 people died and five others were injured due to a suspected short circuit

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