Poor quality accessories main reason behind car fires

Use of non-genuine accessories (parts/ kits) caused almost 50% of all vehicle fires in 2013-14, according to automobile industry body, SIAM.

Vehicle safety experts said that vehicle owners must be more careful and ensure that they don’t install unnecessary and non-approved smart gadgets that cause overloading of electrical circuits, go for unauthorised retrofitting including CNG and LPG cylinders and non-genuine horns all of which lead to short circuits. ARAI has suggested that passenger vehicles including cars should have fire extinguishers and there should be some regulatory frame work to control the aftermarket fitment of electronic gadgets.

Presentations made by both private auto majors and Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) at a workshop on fire safety in vehicles organised by SIAM in Delhi recently also mentioned top 10 causes of car fires across the country.

“Rotted fuel lines leaking gasoline or diesel fuel onto hot engine parts and leaks in the fuel system are the most common cause of vehicle fires,” according to SIA. Raising the need for proper maintenance of vehicles, it said that poor and irregular maintenance causes excessive heat and forgetting or neglecting maintenance can indirectly lead to car fires.

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