Pune Railway authorities fortify safety measures with advanced surveillance post recent fire incident

In response to a recent fire outbreak in a train coach at Pune Railway Station, Pune Railway authorities have swiftly implemented proactive measures to fortify passenger safety and operational security.

A comprehensive plan includes the installation of 120 CCTV cameras across the station premises, including the Ghorpadi Yard. These cameras, featuring facial recognition technology, aim to enhance surveillance capabilities. The ongoing installation process, which has been in progress for several days, reached its final stages with the completion of the CCTV installation tender.

Addressing security concerns, unauthorised entry points within Pune Railway Station premises have been closed by increasing fence heights and installing robust locks on gates.
Indu Rani Dubey, Divisional Railway Manager, Pune, emphasised significant initiatives, including the addition of advanced CCTV surveillance infrastructure and the overall enhancement of security protocols at the Ghorpadi Yard.

The recent fire incident highlighted the presence of unauthorised individuals loitering on trains stationed outside the station premises. The railway officials’ prompt response to the fire incident, along with the implementation of advanced surveillance systems, is set to empower security protocols, ensuring the safety of passengers and preventing future incidents.

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