Seminars on Perimeter Defense Systems

Southwest Microwave, a leading global provider of high-security outdoor electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), has announced that it will host a series of PERIMETER DEFENSE SEMINARS in India; one in Mumbai (September 2, 2014) and a second in Bangalore (September 4, 2014). The sessions will explore best practices for mitigating risk of unauthorized site access, vandalism, theft or destruction of critical infrastructure, and cover these topics:

• Principles of intrusion detection for today’s leading perimeter security technologies.
• System design and configuration best practices for specific vertical market environments.
• Critical detection performance measures for developing an optimal perimeter defense.
• Total cost of perimeter detection system ownership as a key decision-making strategy.

The seminars will target systems integrators, architects, engineers, consultants and facility end-user personnel in the Utilities, Industrial, Transportation and Government/Military sectors involved in the design, specification, procurement, installation and maintenance of perimeter security systems.

“PERIMETER DEFENSE workshops support those involved with intrusion detection in identifying critical considerations for an effective PIDS solution, relative to application-specific concerns and threats facing today’s security-sensitive sectors,” explained Bob Kirkaldie, Southwest Microwave’s Director of Sales.

“We ask attendees to consider their current perimeter security strategy and its effectiveness in defending against attack, sabotage or harm to human life,” Kirkaldie elaborated. “Today’s technologically advanced solutions provide robust measures to detect intrusions and prevent nuisance alarms. System elements – sensors, cameras, command and control applications – can network seamlessly and cost effectively, if done right. With more than 70,000 systems protecting critical infrastructure worldwide and over 40 years of perimeter detection experience, Southwest Microwave provides the toolkit for achieving these goals.”

To learn more about Southwest Microwave’s PERIMETER DEFENSE seminars, or to register for an event, visit

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