All 8,553 boundary pillars along India-Nepal border to have GPS location markers

Nepal and India have agreed to install global positioning system (GPS) in every boundary pillar between the two neighbouring countries. The decision was taken during the Survey General-level second Nepal-India Boundary Working Group (BWG) meet held at Dehradun, in India, on August 26-27. It was agreed that the two countries will set up 83 control points in their vicinity across the 1,880-km border on two sides to install the GPS system in all the 8,553 boundary pillars along the Nepal-India border.

“The installation of GPS in all boundary pillars will ensure relocating of pillars if they are damaged by any natural disaster or other human encroachment.”Once the GPS observation is fitted in these pillars, it will make it easy to relocate and reconstruct the pillars, in case of damage, which will be tracked by the GPS system later,” said Director General of Department of Survey Madusudhan Adhikari who led the Nepali delegation during the meet.

BWG is one of the highest bilateral technical bodies, mandated to restore the border pillars damaged due to any cause, undertake the construction, restoration and repair, clearing ‘no-man’s land’ on both sides of the border, except Kalapani and Susta, based on facts and figures and according to the strip maps prepared in 2007 by both sides.

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