Auburn city schools adds K9 security to reduce school shooting risks

This school year, Auburn City Schools (ACS) launched its new Paws on Patrol program, using detection dogs to mitigate school shooting risk so students feel safer on campus. The partnership is between the school system and the Global K9 Protection Group based in Lee County.

The organization trains dogs to detect explosive materials and firearms. Previously, their dogs have been used at sporting events, entertainment venues and airports. Now, they’re adding schools to the list.

“It puts the community at ease to see that we are being intentional with our efforts when it comes to safety and security,” said ACS’s Public Relations Coordinator Daniel Chesser.

“Very quickly you can move a dog quickly through a campus, across campus, through large crowds and use them as a technology that is on the move in searching for odors that they are trained to define,” said Michael Larkin, VP of Commercial Services for Global K9 Protection.

Global K9 obtains their dogs from the Canine Performance Sciences Program at Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

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