BCSC seminar on Constructive Approach to Destructive Islamic State

BCSC also known as “Bhartiya Citizens Security Council” recently held a seminar
“Constructive Approach to Destructive Islamic State” at the India International Centre, New Delhi. BCSC is a voluntary study-group working with the primary and immediate objective of making all Indian citizens, aware of the ground realities, especially relating to demographic changes, that will adversely affect the multicultural, secular and age-old pluralistic society of India as also the integrity of the Indian civilization as a whole. The BCSC has chosen to remain apolitical, non-communal and nationalist in all its activities. The societal changes envisioned by BCSC due to threats emanating from sources such as ISIS, Taliban or generic jihadis has guided them to work out the plans and strategies to secure India’s great society, culture and Nation!

Among the speakers were: Arif Mohammad Khan, a former Union Minister, Prakash Singh, well known former DGP and crusader for police reforms and PC Haldar, Ex-Director of the Intelligence Bureau. All of them spoke on how to contain threatened ISIS entry/spread into India and its adverse effect on the security of the country.

Capt. S B Tyagi, General Secretary of the BCSC, briefly introduced the theme of the Seminar and the objectives of Bharatiya Citizens Security Council. The unique feature of the Seminar was the presence of a large number of high dignitaries and enlightened participants. Suggestions for a sustained drive to spread the message that the BCSC was deeply involved in countering the violent march of the ISIS in a peaceful and psychological manner were received. One important suggested thrust would be towards involving women forces – female power – in such a task. Special attention will be required to be paid to the women in the Islamic society.

Summing up the three hour-long discussions, Shri K P S Gill said, “This was a new approach to tackling mind-boggling violence being perpetrated by the ISIS, primarily in the Middle East and also in parts of Europe.” DC Nath, the Patron of the BCSC, in his valedictory remarks, thanked the speakers and participants for attending the seminar and making constructive suggestions. He specially appreciated the press fraternity for taking keen interest in the deliberations and requested them to spread the suggestions to common people and to the establishments.

Among the points of focus by various speakers –
•    Ideology of IS needs to be challenged.
•    It is time for revolution in Islam.
•    Muslims must remove bad interpretation of Islam.
•    Interpretation of Jihad in Islam must change.
•    Remove Islam from time warp.
•    Encourage moderate Muslims.
•    De-radicalisation of Muslim youth.
•    Counter radicalisation is also needed.
•    Revamping of security architecture needed to face IS threats.
•    Modernization and strengthening of the police force.
•    Presence of positive forces needed in social media.

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