Bengaluru Police enlist Periscope Live Streaming App in fight against crime

Bengaluru Police seem to have found an innovative way to use Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app. Apparently, the service is being used by the police control room to alert jurisdictional police to the occurrence of a crime using the location of the person shooting a video. The Bangalore police also intend to use the service to live stream its press conferences to encourage citizen participation. Another initiative, launched in February, urged people to report traffic violations via the Public Eye app. Citizens can bring a traffic violation to the notice of the Police by simply uploading a picture with some basic information such as the vehicle’s registration number, type of violation and place of violation. Periscope was last updated by its owner, Twitter, in May with functionality that allowed non-Twitter users to sign up for the service. The new sign-up procedure is based on a user’s phone number.

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