Biometrics to make domestic flying easier

Shortly, boarding domestic flights in India will not require paper or e-tickets. The government has begun work on ensuring an entirely paperless aircraft boarding process under which a mobile phone is all that will be necessary to board domestic flights in India. In an attempt to create a more seamless boarding experience, the government is trying to promote technology and bring down the cost of security personnel deployment, an official said. International flyers, however, will need passports to travel.

Once this happens, says Aviation Secretary R N Choubey, passengers will be able to use biometrics to prove identity before entering terminals and will not have to show ID cards.
Inter-linked airport databases will verify if the passenger has been through check-in and security check gates. Once confirmed, they will be allowed access to the boarding gate closer to flight departure time.

“Passengers who opt for the biometrics check at each stage of the process will not have to get their physical boarding cards stamped with “security checked” at all checking areas.
We have set up a special unit in Airports Authority of India for giving shape to this ‘digi yatra’ programme. Airport operators, especially from Bengaluru and Hyderabad, are part of this,” Choubey said. The stamping of handbag tags has been stopped at 17 airports and trial runs will begin at ten more airports, including Pune and Ranchi.

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