CCTV cameras will be in all BEST buses by September

The BEST is stepping up the process of installing CCTV cameras in all its 4,100 buses on the roads in Mumbai. It has already installed the cameras in 3,850 buses and will fit the remaining 250 cameras within two weeks, sources said. “By September, we should have the cameras in all buses,” a senior official said. The CCTV cameras will be fitted near the front exit door, next to the driver. It has a capacity to record continuously for 72 hours. “We keep the recording on whenever the bus is plying on the route and is shut off when it is parked at the depot. This allows us to film all passengers and record every incident of crime inside the bus,” said another official.

He further stated that BEST had a team of officials who monitored the CCTV clips daily. “If they find anything suspicious, they alert the cops. Else, if somebody files a complaint at the police station, the cops ask us for a copy of the CCTV clip for the day,” he stated. The CCTV also acts as a watchdog for terror suspects. It has also made women passengers feel safe while travelling in the buses. “Conductors warn the eve-teasers and mischief makers and show them the CCTV cameras. Since they know they are being filmed, they feel guilty and some of them have also apologised before women passengers,” said a conductor.

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