CCTV plan to monitor the whole of Edinburgh

Residents will come under CCTV surveillance from the moment they leave their homes in the morning under plans for a completely integrated monitoring network covering the Scottish Capital. Separate systems used by the city council, transport firms, traffic management organisations and neighbouring Lothian authorities will be brought together if proposals are taken forward.

Integration would see individuals tracked while using trams and buses, spending time in shopping precincts and participating in demonstrations. It is also understood that software platforms enabling face, car number plate and even body language recognition are among technologies being considered.

Discussions have already taken place with Scottish Government ministers on creating a south-east Scotland CCTV “hub”, which would have the Capital at its heart and allow seamless monitoring across regional and departmental boundaries. The system would probably see an increased number of mobile cameras used in areas affected by crime and antisocial behaviour. City leaders said the planned roll-out was in response to public demand for enhanced safety through expanded CCTV. Councillor Cammy Day, community safety leader, said: “Last year the council put £1m aside to upgrade the council’s CCTV system. But instead we think we need a fully integrated system – fit for the 21st century – that will keep the public safe, manage traffic, and keep people safe during marches and demos.

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