Cops propose a new security plan for India Gate lawns in New Delhi

Situated in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi — one of the most secured places in the city in terms of police deployment, India Gate has emerged as one of the most unsafe places for children. Three kids go missing from near the monument every day. Police said they were working on a new security plan for the VIP zone, clarifying that most of children who go missing are either rescued or return on their own.

In the wake of the alleged kidnapping of three-year-old Jhanvi from India Gate, the police have decided to launch a verification drive for hawkers operating around India Gate and Rajpath. The force has vowed to make India Gate a crime-free tourist spot.

The police will issue identity cards to registered hawkers who will be allowed to run their business from permitted spots around India Gate and Rajpath. Sources said the step had been taken on the Union home ministry’s instructions. The officer said it would help them prepare a database of hawkers operating around India Gate. The registered hawkers will also be used as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the police.

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