DHS outlines vision for improving operational efficiency through biometrics programs

The US Department of Homeland Security has outlined its vision for how its biometric-based programs will help improve the agency’s operational efficiency over the next decade, according to a report by GCN. At the forefront of the agency’s biometrics program is its national biometric database, Automated Biometrics Identification System, which is joined by numerous research and development activities within the agency’s Science and Technology Directorate and operational components.

The DHS’ strategic framework will be used to identify and align key initiatives to meet strategic goals and objectives, as well as determine any discrepancies where action plans must be initiated. The framework has three components including improving effectiveness of subject identification, transforming identity operations to optimize performance, and refining processes and policies to promote innovation.
The agency will update its outdated biometric collection systems with new technology, enabling the DHS to efficiently collect high-quality data.

DHS will also centralize access to federal and international biometric databases to decrease complexity, prevent duplication and redundancy, and standardize communications with partners. Other objectives include improving real-time access from field location and implementing a layered, multimodal biometrics identity verification method beyond fingerprints. Additionally, DHS will automate identity verification to cut down on processing time and improve security.

The agency will also will work to identify and find new ways to further implement biometrics to verify identity and lower vulnerabilities and fraud. Finally, the agency said it intends to introduce joint requirements to more efficiently address any redundant needs and oversight requirements, appoint department-wide biometrics authorities and establish standardized solutions to decrease maintenance of duplicative services. By employing this integrated, enterprise biometric framework, DHS said it will better ensure national security and public safety while improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of DHS operations.

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