Doha Malls fined for failing to install security cameras

A Doha Misdemeanour Court has issued a number of rulings ordering some commercial malls to pay fines ranging between QR10,000-50,000 for falling to install proper surveillance cameras and security systems at their premises.

Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the Public Prosecutor referred such malls to the court because of their failure to comply with the provisions of law No. 9 for 2011 though they were served notifications. The departments concerned had given the malls various grace periods upon their demands for the installation of the newly required systems. After the grace periods expired, inspectors visited the malls to ensure their compliance and the violators were referred to the court.

Article No. 2 of law No. 9 for 2011 regulating the use of Security and Surveillance CCTV Camera and devices stipulates that “facilities owners and those in-charge of management thereof, shall install the CCTV surveillance camera and devices. Such devices shall be operated around the clock, and shall have a control room.”

Article 3 of the same law stipulates that “the facilities shall continuously maintain and modernise the surveillance camera and devices to ensure better performance and continuous conformity with state-of-the-art technical specifications as determined by a Ministerial decision. The competent authority shall have the right to enter the facilities for the purpose of inspecting the surveillance camera and devices to ascertain the extent of compliance with the technical specifications and effectiveness in achieving their purpose.”

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