Euralarm calls for more efficient standardization processes

Euralarm aims to ensure that the European fire safety and security industry fulfills its potential to contribute to European growth and employment and that it reaches its abilities to compete successfully in home and global markets. Standardization is key to be able to reach these goals. To speed up and maximize efficiency of the standardization process, Euralarm has written a Briefing on Market Driven Standardization (MDS).

Euralarm members are already active in standardization and spend many hours contributing to standards in the field of electronic fire and security and services. Practically all standards in these fields have been developed with an active and massive participation of experts of the members (and their members) of Euralarm. Being on top of the standardization process, Euralarm members have good insight in the process itself and, according to the organisation, are not fully satisfied with the way the process has developed in the last years.

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