Ex-Delhi top cop to advise ACSG Corp on homeland security

Former Delhi Police Commissioner, B.K. Gupta has joined hands with ACSG Corp. as part of an effort to further deepen its roots in the Indian homeland security market. Gupta will join the company as senior strategic advisor, guiding and recommending products, solutions and services the company should launch in India. He will also help develop strategy to expand homeland security business globally, besides helping implement risk mitigation measures.

Gupta served as Delhi’s Police Commissioner between 2010 and 2012. His credentials as a law enforcement officer and his understanding of the internal security sector is expected to add significant value to the company. His well-known stand against all kinds of crime is likely to help him align well with the company’s objective.

ACSG serves critical security sectors of the government and other related sectors such as aviation, oil and gas, and space. The company designs homeland security products, software solutions and services keeping in mind the operational requirements of the law enforcement agencies, such as paramilitary forces, investigative and respective agencies, police forces, and coastguards, all falling under the aegis of the Government of India.

The Delhi-based company also provides software solutions like Online Verification System, Automatic Transfer System, Online Lost and Found Applications, Missing Article Report System, Criminal Record Management System, Women Safety Application, Tactical Training Simulators, GIS Mapping, Face Recognition Software, Audio and Video Analytics, E-Challan System, Jail Management Software and  customized training to law enforcement bodies.

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