Factory fire slows Axis supply chain

In connection with a factory fire at one of Axis’ contract manufacturers, Axis is advising that it may mean reduced availability for some time of a number of the company’s network video products. “It is deeply regrettable that our partner SVI in Thailand has been affected by this fire, while we are very relieved that no one has been seriously injured,” says Ray Mauritsson, President of Axis Communications. “We have been cooperating for many years and are well aware of SVI’s strength when it comes to rebuilding and we work together with SVI to re-establish production effectively.”

“Today it is difficult to judge to what extent Axis and Axis’ customers will be affected. In the short term, there will be some but limited impact on sales. It is harder to estimate how the availability of the products will impact sales early 2015. In order to minimize the impact of the disruptions as a result of the fire, we will temporarily arrange production at other SVI facilities and at our other contract manufacturers. This work has already begun,” says Mauritsson. Axis uses contract manufacturers in several different countries in order to ensure efficient and flexible production.

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