Gurgaon railway station high on security, but low on CCTVs

Though the district has been on alert since the terror attacks at the Pathankot air base, the Gurgaon railway station has been missing a very important component of its security infrastructure – CCTVs. While requirements were sent to the Railway Board around November last year, sources said no confirmations have been received till now. A survey was conducted in November 2015, in which around 22 points were identified on the railway station where CCTV cameras were to be installed. A proposal with requirements was sent to the Railway Board soon after. But no word on a decision has come as yet. Another reminder was again sent by the district railway office to the GRP earlier this month, sources said.

Around 52 passenger trains go through the Gurgaon railway station daily, in addition to goods carriers. Hundreds of passengers board or de-board these trains from here. The CCTV cameras are required not only for the safety of these passengers, but also to check crime. The FIRs registered at the railway station in Gurgaon have almost doubled in the last two years. While 41 FIRs were registered in 2014, the figures jumped 76 in 2015.The district GRP even suggested handing over the matter to the civil administration, but the railways turned it down.

“In October 2015 i.e., before the survey was done, we had sent a proposal to the department that the matter be handed over to the civic administration if they cannot provide and install CCTVs. The railways turned it down saying the cameras will be installed by them only. The survey was conducted after that, but nothing has happened so far,” said Arvind Dahiya, SHO, Gurgaon railway station police station.

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